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Wellbeing Warriors meet Somuchmore


We asked our Wellbeing Warriors – a group of Somuchmore friends and ambassadors – to share a glimpse of their personal workout, their motivation, favourite activities, and most-liked studios and spas around Berlin and Hamburg.

Jelena Lieberberg (in the photo above) is an independent Yoga teacher in Berlin. Known as Kick Ass Yoga she does two classes at Spirit Yoga Mitte – one of our Partner Studios close at Hackescher Markt – and at SPREE Crossfit in close to Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg. Her Yoga Poses on Instagram are stunning!

Jelena: “For me Somuchmore is the future of training/workout: “We are building a community beyond single/particular studios, beyond single types of sport. Everyone is connected. All of us want the same but in a different and individual way. This is awesome!”

Facebook: Kick Ass Yoga
Instagram: jelenayoga



Patricia Staffa is a blogger for the project of her heart: Yogatonic. For her Somuchmore means the freedom to choose the location and the teacher for trainings and practices – based on her daily individual mood. Her motivation to work out is the great feeling afterwards.

Patrica: “Yoga is no work out for me any more, I do it (I always do it, I do it regularly). Additional to Yoga I like to do Pilates. My preferences change with the season, I take classes Spirit Yoga and Chimosa at the moment.”

Blog: Yogatonic
Instagram: yogatonic



Dajana EderZugarandzalt, is a true Wellbeing Warrior. She does her workout on a daily basis and a good mix is very important to her. She loves to train/workout with her own body weight, loves Boxing and calls herself a Yogi. Motivation: The knowledge how much better she feels after class.

Dajana: “I don’t want to do the same things every day – always pumping muscles, always Boxing, always Yoga. I need variations according to my mood and the season. With Somuchmore I can make my own hours when and where I want to do sports, how often and how much I do and of course the variety. Maybe I go climbing today or join a meditation class?”

Blog: Zugarandzalt
Instagram: zugarandzalt

cocoCoco Collmann lives the healthy lifestyle. Her daily routine should be rich in variety and active – especially in fitness and health. At the moment she likes to do Bouldern, Jumping Fitness and Bikram Yoga classes.

Coco: “Briefly speaking Somuchmore means diversity, variety and flexibility. I love to try/explore different types of sports to find something new for me/myself. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can spot new studios or visit one of my recently discovered studios. For Hamburg I recommend the FLASHH Boulder Halle (they have great Yoga classes too), Jumping Fitness, DAMN Good Yoga and for the Wellness part the Hamam or Park Hyatt Spa.

Blog: It’s a Coco Life
Instagram: cocollmann

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