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Shirin Ourmutchi: Yoga for Peace

The link between Orient and Occident dominates Shirin’s life. Growing up with a Persian father and a German mother, she has learned to connect the opposites and to draw strength from it. Shirin has been always inspired by the…


Finding balance through your voice

As a Yogateacher understanding your own body and knowing proper alignment is part of the fundamental basics of being a good teacher. If you‘re teaching Vinyasa Style Classes, you also need to be aware of how to work with…


Swantje Nielsen: The Balanced Mom

It´s that time of the year when everyone is crazy about christmas presents. Everybody gets freaky afraid about what to do with these last days of the year. And the kids can’t get enough of their daily dose of…


Healing your body with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Berlin is located on Brunnenstrasse 185 which is in the Epi Centre of the Yoga Scene in Berlin Mitte: You can find all different Yoga Styles in Berlin Mitte: from Spirit Yoga, to Yogatribe, Iyengar Yoga to…


You can give Somuchmore

No muss, no fuss! Steer clear of the holiday shopping bustle and get your mitts on your pressies right here with us! Are your friends health nuts and always on the move? Treat them or treat yourself to one month of…


Better. Every. Day.

From time to time I like to step out of my comfort zone to see how I cope with a more intense speed than my usual Yoga Practice. Vinyasa Flow can be challenging but working with heavy iron and…


Chimosa: Where opposites attract

Yi-Chung Chen (aka Yichy) was always one of the sporty kids, playing tennis and basketball, and doing a lot of swimming. And of course: His fascination for Martial Arts came with his first Bruce Lee movie. He didn’t stay…


Holiday season: The gift of time

I say December, you say holiday season! Or to be honest, season of drinking without feeling guilty and gift season. Oh yes, there are potential gifts everywhere. Entering the department store is like being swapped into Santa’s living room:…


Yoga in the heart of working and shopping in Berlin Mitte

Meet Jelena, a Yoga teacher, Singer, Speaker, Author and Mother from Berlin. Jelena  is currently writing her column ‘Dies.Das.Asanas‘ for Yoga Journal Germany and she will be introducing her Top 5 favourite Somuchmore Partner Studios on our Blog, starting…

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Video: Mornings – Krista Marie Starr

Mornings can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day. A wonderful way to wake up is to get your body moving. Boost your day with a morning ritual. Starting the day right can have…

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Wellbeing Warriors meet Somuchmore

We asked our Wellbeing Warriors – a group of Somuchmore friends and ambassadors – to share a glimpse of their personal workout, their motivation, favourite activities, and most-liked studios and spas around Berlin and Hamburg. Jelena Lieberberg (in the photo…