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6 Cheats to Start Healthy, New Habits

Having an a hard time sticking with your healthy lifestyle mission? Here are some cheats to help you focus on winning. Hint: Go slow, steady and accumulate small wins. 1. Reverse Calendar Instead of planning ahead, look back. It…


Yoga in the heart of working and shopping in Berlin Mitte

Meet Jelena, a Yoga teacher, Singer, Speaker, Author and Mother from Berlin. Jelena  is currently writing her column ‘Dies.Das.Asanas‘ for Yoga Journal Germany and she will be introducing her Top 5 favourite Somuchmore Partner Studios on our Blog, starting…

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Prep your Body

Save your body from injury, perform better and burn more calories by warming up. Quick and dirty workouts are all the rage these days. It is becoming well known that it is the intensity of your workout that has…