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Shirin Ourmutchi: Yoga for Peace

The link between Orient and Occident dominates Shirin’s life. Growing up with a Persian father and a German mother, she has learned to connect the opposites and to draw strength from it. Shirin has been always inspired by the…

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Forget Mindfulness it’s all about the MNDFL sess

Everyone’s talking about it in NYC, and no, it’s not cold brewed coffee or bone broth. Deep In the heart of Manhattan lies MNDFL, pronounced “mindful”. A wafty, light and airy warehouse space that leans more towards Skandi minimalist design rather…


A Different Take on Pranayama

Take a deep breath – to experience freedom, calm, a vision of silence and renewed joy of life. The solution? Take your yoga practice to another level with this enlightening breathing technique. If you want to take your yoga…