Romarei Hartwich – Artist and Yoga teacher


We spoke with Romarei Hartwich lifelover, artist and yoga teacher at Sweet and Deep YOGA Berlin.

What gives your life meaning?
The existence of God. 

When was the last time you did something for the very first time? And what was it?
This happens every day because the world is constantly changing and so am I. So, every action and every moment is a new experience. 

What’s your favourite yoga pose?
I really love all different kinds of sun salutations since there is so much variety and focus in them. But right now, I am working on my off-the-wall handstand (almost there)!

Could you describe your ‘happy’ routine? Do you even have one?
There are so many different ones because I love my life: There’s my healthy superfood breakfast with the best organic green tea in the world, listening to music that touches my heart, walking my horses out into the woods, my daily yoga practice, looking into the eyes of my wonderful husband … the list is endless …

In your experience: What defines a mindful person?
A mindful person is someone who is, first of all, grateful for the greatest gift in life: being alive and unique … It’s all about trying to do our best to really be present in the moment, no matter we are doing. It’s about opening our eyes to see the beauty around ourselves while, on the other hand, protecting our environment and all the living creations around us as much as we can. I do live in the present almost every day – and if I dig into the past, it’s to remember the beautiful moments that were part of my life and made me who I am right now. I hardly ever fly off into the future because there is no realistic way to know it – all is coming: Man proposes and God disposes.

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