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Never underestimate a great pair of yoga leggings


Good quality leggings are important on so many levels. The main are of course the obvious ones such as good fit, even when soaked in sweat, breathable material and functionality during asanas. Add a designers touch and you’ve got yourself a winner. Here are a few picks we love and wouldn’t mind owning a pair!

Teeki yoga leggings are made exclusively from recycled water bottles. Basically you are wearing 25 bottles that were washed, crushed, chopped, melted into pellets and changes to fibers. They are eco-friendly and offer a 4 way stretch which makes them breathable and super comfortable to wear. Can you get more environmentally sustainable than that? Thumbs up!
Price range: 33-73 EUR
(Photos: Teeki)



Dharma bums
Dharma Bums is a result of a frustration co-founder Debra Lawson faced when she found it almost impossible to find yoga wear that was made in accordance with yoga philosophy. Since working conditions she came across with whilst travelling the world were unethical, she decided to offer people a chance to shop more consciously.
As stated on their website, Dharma bum is an expression for ‘’a person who travels through life living their purpose, doing what they love in peace, happiness and harmony.’’
The name pretty much says all about the brand and we love the message it sends!
Price range: 68 – 110 EUR
(Photos: Dharma bums)



Private and business partners, Ben & Lara Mead launched their label Varley in 2012. With head offices in Los Angeles and London, collections reflect Californian ease with London’s elegance. Creative couple managed to combine their love for design and travel through delicate prints, textured fabrics and signature trimmings.
Check out their signature mesh panel leggings!
Price range: 91 -100 EUR
(Photos: Varley)

Avoid international shipping taxes and buy Teeki, Dharma bums and Varley on Europe’s Premier Yoga Clothing Store.


Olympia active wear is just plain gorgeous. Pastel color palette, clean lined silhouettes, versatile cotton basics and silk lounge pieces. Refined simplicity. The name of the brand Olympia was inspired by Greek history and represents strength and femininity. Founder and designer, Kaili Lickle, found the inspiration for Olympia when she moved from Maui to San Francisco and was forced spending more time doing indoor activities. Being unsatisfied with the functionality and design offered on the market, she decided it was time to start creating. And we are glad she did!

European customers can buy Olympia active wear online at:
Price range: 77-105 EUR
(Photos: Olympia)


Mr Gugu & Mrs Go
Ever dreamt about wearing yoga leggings with potato chips, gummy bear or giraffe print on it? If you are more on the quirky side, then flashy leggings and yoga pants selection by Polish brand Mr Gugu & Mrs Go is your shopping haven.
Everything about this brand is out of the box and so wrong, that it becomes oh, so right! The emphasis is on moving away from any fashion norm and dress to impress nobody and everybody. And you will definitely turn some heads doing down dog in this leggings.
Price: 34.95 EUR
(Photos: Mr Guru & Mrs Go)



Masa Marolt

Maša Marolt is a graphic designer and a copywriter by profession and a vegan by heart. She is a certified yoga teacher with a passion for travel and strong coffee.
Her essentials for happy life include following your inner path and being surrounded by loving people and at least two cats.

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