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Hien Le — Sportswear Chic


Hien Le is a Berlin-based fashion designer who started his independent label in 2010. His third collection won him 3rd prize in July 2011 at the popular fashion contest ‘Start your Fashion Business’. He made his catwalk debut at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Berlin and has been nominated “best newcomer” by prestigious international fashion trade magazine “Sportswear International”. Hien Le now retails in Germany, US, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

1. How would you describe your collection?
It’s about clean shapes, refined details, discreet cuts… The claim to manufacture clothing that combines diligent design with accurate workmanship.

2. Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere. Can be movies, music, art and design in general… People and cities.

hien-le-113. Was there an awakening moment in your life that encouraged you to create your label?
After my studies, I wanted to explore the fashion industry and [have] a look [at] what’s behind all this. What else besides designing and manufacturing. I started to work for a PR agency; after 2 years doing sales for other brands and missing what I actually wanted to do I decided to start my own label.

4. What does luxury mean to you? 
Luxury is about having and taking time for yourself and the people you love and surround with.

5. In a time when sneakers and leggings have trended into a casual outfit, do you believe that stems from the development of a more active lifestyle, or rather a casual trend that caught on.
I think fashion is just more than luxury clothes and there are so many different styles you can combine. It’s always what you make out of it. There are a lot of fashion brands that transfer this sportive way of fashion into their own line, me included. It’s about details. And the other way around, there are more sportswear labels or active wear labels that want to become more modern by collaborating with luxury bands and designers.



6. What is your daily routine?
Daily routine is my studio life. Besides that I do a little workout, not really workout but more yoga and I just started some pilates.

7. Where do you workout, what are you favourite studios or discipline?
I practice some yoga in different studios. I’m doing a lot of bikram yoga and pilates and I’m totally in love and addicted to aerial yoga at Y4ALL studio.

9. How do you do to find balance in your life?
Taking breaks and breathing and doing yoga, eating good food, try to sleep as much as possible and enjoying life with family and friends.

hien-leThe new Hien Le collection will be revealed at Berlin Fashion Week.

Showroom — Der Berliner Modesalon
Unter den Linden 3

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