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Forget Mindfulness it’s all about the MNDFL sess


Everyone’s talking about it in NYC, and no, it’s not cold brewed coffee or bone broth. Deep In the heart of Manhattan lies MNDFL, pronounced “mindful”. A wafty, light and airy warehouse space that leans more towards Skandi minimalist design rather than the incense infused spiritual spaces we’ve all come across.

Think of it as a mini Grace Belgravia, mixed with the zen and finesse of the world famous ESPA spa at the Corinthia, London.

The concept is the brainchild of former film industry exec-turned spiritual blogger Ellie Burrows and esteemed Buddhist teacher and author of “A Buddha walks into a bar” Lodro Rinzler.

If you’re one of thousands if not millions of ‘inner peace’ city based soul searchers who runs a hectic work / home life tinkering on the edge of exhaustive ‘me-time’, MNDFL will soon become your haven away from home.

MNDFL want people to drop in the same way they’d drop into a Barry’s class. Burrows remembers “as a busy New Yorker I wanted a place to go that didn’t involve climbing 5 flights of stairs and sitting in 3 hour talks”.

The program offers a menu akin to Cheeky. Just as the beauty destination has a menu for the type of blowout you want, MNDFL has a menu for the type of meditation you’re in the mood for. For examples, there’s MNDFL Breath for relaxation and MNDFL Sleep for insomniacs, with each teacher bringing in their own unique meditation style, be it Vedic or zen.

At the end of the day Burrows says “ New York is such a chaotic city. We want to provide a dedicated space for people to sit quietly that’s not [their] home or office, so that they can reset and reflect. Everything we built is all for that singular goal: creating a space to breathe.”

Don’t hold your ujjayi breath (it’s not the done thing) but we don’t think it’s going to be long until MNDFL gives birth to its British sister counterpart and lands in London and other European cities. Now who ordered the MNDFL Restore for the Restless!?

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