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Edge Cycle — Cycling with an Edge


Edge Cycle is one of the biggest dedicated cycling studios in the UK. With fantastic sound and lighting, the best bikes on the market, air conditioning, showering and changing facilities. Their  spacious studio allows you the room to breathe and work out without ever getting into someone else’s face!
They have great Instructors to motivate and help you, whatever your fitness level. At Edge Cycle everyone believes that exercising should be fun – and their specifically designed programmes with banging soundtracks deliver just that!

Melissa Power melissa-power-edge-cyclehas been teaching spin for nearly eight years and she absolutely loves it! Being in a position to motivate people is really exhilarating and she looks forward to the buzz, the sweat and the excitement of every class she teaches! In a spare time she does a lot of weightlifting, calisthenics and she is also a freelance TV producer. She spends a lot of time picking the playlists for her classes and uses a mix of club, house, old school hip hop, pop and even acappella! As well as spin she also teaches HIIT, circuit and bootcamp classes and you may see her whizzing around London on her red and yellow bicycle. When she is not exercising or making TV programmes she loves making cocktails and cooking!’

Was there an awakening moment in your life that made you realize: “I want to be a trainer.”?
In 2007 I had a bad road traffic accident and was knocked off my bike by a car travelling at 50mph. I broke my arm, my leg and badly injured my back. I took up spinning as a way to recuperate and loved it so much I decided to become an instructor!

What’s your daily fitness routine like? Is there a “secret” exercise you would like to share with us?
Yes Pull-Ups! Pull-ups are amazing for toning the arms back and chest, they take a lot of energy to do so are a fab way to burn fat, they make you very strong and you can pretty much do them anywhere!
My daily fitness routine is mainly governed by my teaching timetable and my job (I’m also a TV producer!) I teach spin every morning before work at 7am and most evenings after work. I also teach at weekends and cycle between classes and work. When I’m not teaching I do a lot of weightlifting. I’m really passionate about women lifting weights and am trying to do everything to dispel the fear that a lot of women have, which is that if they lift heavy weights they’ll bulk up. Ladies you won’t! You don’t have any testosterone! If anything you’ll get smaller as lifting weights burns more fat!


Can you tell us more about your signature combination classes?
One of the classes I teach at Edge is called Edge Bootcamp which combines High Intensity spinning with resistance floor work. We go full on, on the bikes for around 30 mins with hill climbs, hill sprints, jumps and endurance climbs and then have 15 minutes of bicep curls, tricep dips, flys, squats etc! Every week we work on toning upper body, legs and abs. I encourage people to lift as heavy as possible but I mix up the exercises frequently so people can stay with heavy weights.

What is there that makes your members addicted to your classes?
I’ve been told that my energy and my music are what people love! (And my shouting which is encouraging not mean!) I really enjoy helping people and more than anything I seriously love teaching spin! I understand that everyone in the class can be at a different level so I teach my classes in a way that means everyone is working to their own ability and is permanently pushing themselves.

What is a fun part of your class?
All of it! Every bit of my class is packed with surprises, different music combinations and new ideas to stop people getting bored. (I hope!)

Expect a laid back atmosphere and general happiness about the place on entrance. Everyone at Edge Cycle gets very excited prior to class time. You’ll be shown around the studio (this doesn’t take long) and equipped with towels and cycling shoes if desired. The trainers will then make sure you are comfortably set up on your bike ahead of the class and help you unfold your potential during the session.


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