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6 Cheats to Start Healthy, New Habits

Having an a hard time sticking with your healthy lifestyle mission? Here are some cheats to help you focus on winning. Hint: Go slow, steady and accumulate small wins. 1. Reverse Calendar Instead of planning ahead, look back. It…


Items That Make Gym Life Easier

I’m a gym junkie and I also work in this industry so adapting to my environment is a must. Many times I need to make routines on the fly with little to no equipment or I have to get…


Holiday season: The gift of time

I say December, you say holiday season! Or to be honest, season of drinking without feeling guilty and gift season. Oh yes, there are potential gifts everywhere. Entering the department store is like being swapped into Santa’s living room:…

warmup1 copy

Prep your Body

Save your body from injury, perform better and burn more calories by warming up. Quick and dirty workouts are all the rage these days. It is becoming well known that it is the intensity of your workout that has…


5 workouts to keep you fit during winter season

Here are some exercises by our Somuchmore fitness coach Natalie to keep you fit and happy during winter season. Natalie has been a successful handball player for the last 15 years, has won several German championships and has played…


A Different Take on Pranayama

Take a deep breath – to experience freedom, calm, a vision of silence and renewed joy of life. The solution? Take your yoga practice to another level with this enlightening breathing technique. If you want to take your yoga…


What is pain? How can we embrace it?

Some questions are eternal – and their answers constantly in flux. You know, those questions we might spend a lifetime thinking and talking about, without ever arriving at a definitive answer. Such questions are larger than life (or ourselves)…


What does holistic mean to you

We’ve reached out to a selected few experts in their fields to collect their thoughts and impressions on what the word “Holistic” means to them. Here’s what they had to say: We’d love to hear your answer! Leave a…