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November 2015


Better. Every. Day.

From time to time I like to step out of my comfort zone to see how I cope with a more intense speed than my usual Yoga Practice. Vinyasa Flow can be challenging but working with heavy iron and…


Chimosa: Where opposites attract

Yi-Chung Chen (aka Yichy) was always one of the sporty kids, playing tennis and basketball, and doing a lot of swimming. And of course: His fascination for Martial Arts came with his first Bruce Lee movie. He didn’t stay…


Holiday season: The gift of time

I say December, you say holiday season! Or to be honest, season of drinking without feeling guilty and gift season. Oh yes, there are potential gifts everywhere. Entering the department store is like being swapped into Santa’s living room:…


Yoga in the heart of working and shopping in Berlin Mitte

Meet Jelena, a Yoga teacher, Singer, Speaker, Author and Mother from Berlin. Jelena  is currently writing her column ‘Dies.Das.Asanas‘ for Yoga Journal Germany and she will be introducing her Top 5 favourite Somuchmore Partner Studios on our Blog, starting…

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Prep your Body

Save your body from injury, perform better and burn more calories by warming up. Quick and dirty workouts are all the rage these days. It is becoming well known that it is the intensity of your workout that has…

Bits + Pieces

Ballet — Opéra Garnier by JR

The Parisian street artist and photographer JR took over the Palais Garnier Opera house. This photo series began after JR’s encounter with the dancers on his film set Les Bosquets. The series illustrates variations of the eponymous ballet at…

Bits + Pieces

Video: Mornings – Krista Marie Starr

Mornings can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day. A wonderful way to wake up is to get your body moving. Boost your day with a morning ritual. Starting the day right can have…

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Wellbeing Warriors meet Somuchmore

We asked our Wellbeing Warriors – a group of Somuchmore friends and ambassadors – to share a glimpse of their personal workout, their motivation, favourite activities, and most-liked studios and spas around Berlin and Hamburg. Jelena Lieberberg (in the photo…

Urban Yoga by Anja Humljan

The Urban Yoga by Anja Humljan

A book has been steering media’s attention lately, and it is not your typical bestseller you read on the train. The Urban Yoga, as its name hints, is a photography book that captures its creator – Anja Humljan – in mesmerising…