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October 2015

Bits + Pieces

Halloween Yoga!

Adding a little ‘BOO!’ to your yoga practice may just be what you need this Halloween. Check out this Halloween Yoga video from Mady Morrison, a yoga teacher from Berlin. Happy Halloween everyone!…


It’s time to relax

Whether you would like to feel warm with the start of winter, or relax and unwind after a long day at work, nothing gets better than a hot bath at a Turkish Hamam and a stress-relieving massage at a…


5 workouts to keep you fit during winter season

Here are some exercises by our Somuchmore fitness coach Natalie to keep you fit and happy during winter season. Natalie has been a successful handball player for the last 15 years, has won several German championships and has played…

Bits + Pieces

Forget Mindfulness it’s all about the MNDFL sess

Everyone’s talking about it in NYC, and no, it’s not cold brewed coffee or bone broth. Deep In the heart of Manhattan lies MNDFL, pronounced “mindful”. A wafty, light and airy warehouse space that leans more towards Skandi minimalist design rather…

Vegan Pomegranate Cheesecake – Vegan, Raw, Gluten free

Getting back to our roots

For Christin Musall, founder of Ofen An!, it’s all about ‘the mix’. Whether it’s a blend of ingredients or recipes, or the marriage of old concepts with the new, her cakes and unique recipes never disappoint. Here she invites…


Christina Lobe – Yoga instructor

We asked Christina Lobe how to implement mindfulness in everyday life. Christina is a yoga instructor and owner at Yogatribe studio in Berlin. She runs the studio with Kai Hill, who also answered some of our questions. What are your biggest personal…


A Different Take on Pranayama

Take a deep breath – to experience freedom, calm, a vision of silence and renewed joy of life. The solution? Take your yoga practice to another level with this enlightening breathing technique. If you want to take your yoga…