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August 2015


Is there always learning in failing?

Some questions are eternal – and their answers constantly in flux. You know, those questions we might spend a lifetime thinking and talking about, without ever arriving at a definitive answer. Such questions are larger than life (or ourselves)…


Birgit Engert – Food and fitness coach

Birgit Engert is a personal food and fitness coach at Happy’n’ess Munich. We spoke about her passions and what ‘holistic’ means to her.   What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received? Why? Whenever I wonder whether the decision…


Kai Hill – Yoga instructor

Kai Hill is a yoga instructor and owner at Yogatribe in Berlin. Kai runs the amazing studio together with Christina Lobe, who also answered some of our questions. What are your main values to live by? My main values…


Abdoulaye Fagida – Muay Thai Boxing World Champion

We talked with our partner and former World Champion in Muay Thai Boxing (2009) Abdoulaye Fagida, who is a personal trainer and the founder of boxing gym and fitness club 50foch in Paris. What are your biggest personal challenges? My…


Curated by – Madhavi Guemoes

We all have our secret stash of favourite YouTube clips, motivational images, TED Talks and features that motivate us, send shivers down our spine or put a huge smile on our face – you know, those finds we love…


Tara Gupta – Yoga teacher

We spoke with our partner Tara Gupta, who is a bundle of positive joy, ambitious cosmopolitan and yoga teacher in Munich. What does luxury mean to you? To me, the ultimate immaterial luxuries are freedom, health and peace. That doesn’t…

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5 out-there sport trends to push your body to the limit

Fitness is always on the move – every month, there’s a new way (or three) to sweat and put your body through its paces. BeSomuchmore introduces the latest muscle-moving trends and sheds some light on the proliferating fitness jungle.…

angel spartan london

Curated by – Ángel Sanz

Today’s shared insights of most cherished inspirations come courtesy of Ángel Sanz, a former basketball player turned entrepreneur who wants to change the world through sports. Elizabeth Gilbert “About creativity” In her Ted Talk Elizabeth Gilbert describes a feeling that…